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    Minnesota's Mold Cleanup Experts

    Precision Contracting is the Minnesota leader in mold clean-up and mold abatement.

    We are experts you can trust to take care of all mold related issues in commercial or residential properties. After you submit a request for a quote, we will meet with you to immediately assess the situation by performing a mold inspection, and provide you with a customized action plan to rid your property of contamination.

    • Mold Cleanup Industry Leader

      As a Minnesota Leader in Mold Clean up and Mold Abatement, we are Mold Experts you can trust to take care of all Mold related issues in commercial or residential properties.

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      Our team will meet with you to immediately assess the situation and give you a straight forward estimate and action plan to return your property to perfect condition.

    • Our Expert Team

      Our team of MN Mold Experts are trained to insure you achieve a perfect result in the cleanup and restoration of your property

    Complete cleanup and restoration of your property is our #1 concern!

    Molds can be found virtually anywhere. They grow on any organic substance, so long as moisture and oxygen are present.

    Some of the risks of mold contamination include:

      Degradation to buildings caused by mold
      Health problems pets
      Mold contamination, a common occurrence in water damaged buildings, is a proven serious health risk
      In large amounts, mold spores can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems

    Immediate Removal is Key

    If the home or building has had current or past water damage, particularly to building materials, a microbial investigation is warranted. This investigation should be performed by a company with microbiology or toxicology experience.

    The mold abatement professionals at Precision Contracting have been inspecting and restoring contaminated properties since 2005.

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    • Ross Abel – Ham Lake, MN

      I would recommend Precision Contracting to anyone for their roofing work. Chris Fellerman and Dan Emery were knowledgeable and friendly to work with. The construction crew arrived early and stayed until the work was complete. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to remove the old roofing materials and cover the roof to protect from possible rain that morning.The crew cleaned up the area around the house before they left the site. The Waste dumpster & material delivery was quick and orderly. Precision Contracting is one of the finest contractors. They completed the work in a timely manner with an excellent work crew. I am completely satisfied with the work.

    • Ted Peterson – Coon Rapids, MN

      We have always heard of Precision Contracting Roofing and Siding’s great reputation. We decided to give them a try, and boy was I glad that we did! I have never had to worry about the structural integrity of our premises since…even during snow season!

    • Tom and Judy P. – Saint Paul, MN

      When we moved into our new home, we learned that we needed a new roof. The last thing we needed was the cost involved in building a new roof. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy and affordable Precision Contracting Roofing and Siding made it! They even hauled all of their debris! We are glad we found Precision Contracting Roofing and Siding!