Minnesota Mold Cleanup

As a Minnesota Leader in Mold Clean up and Mold Abatement, we are Mold Experts you can trust to take care of all Mold related issues in commercial or residential properties. Our team will meet with you to immediately assess the situation and give you a straight forward estimate and action plan to return your property to perfect condition. Our team of MN Mold Experts are trained to insure you achieve a perfect result in the cleanup and restoration of your property

Mold Removal Minnesota

If you try to clean up Molds by wiping them away, you are actually spreading more spores inside your property rather than eliminating them. High indications that mold such as Black mold has developed are stains on the walls or ceilings of the house. These stains are commonly black/dark green in color. If you notice signs of black, green or brown, it could be there is a serious problem. Another sign that mold has invaded your property is odor. If the smell of mildew is present it could mean that there are molds on the rise where the odors are lingering. This is when you need a professional Mold remediation contractor to come in and test your home and if mold is visible test the mold to know what type is being dealt with. It is always advisable to see your health care professional if any simple symptoms are being experienced

Mold Abatement Minnesota

Mold contamination, a common occurrence in water-damaged buildings, is a proven serious health risk; immediate removal is key. If the home or building has had current or past water damage, particularly to building materials, a microbial investigation is warranted. This investigation should be performed by a company with microbiology or toxicology experience. Completing a Mold Abatement projects in Minnesota is our specialty and has been for years We are capable of doing Mold Abatement across the state of Minnesota in the metro and smaller rural towns.

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